Data at Your Fingertips

Research comprehensive dataset for trending searches and products. Or sit back and let our recommendation engine do all the hard work. 

Profit with Algorithms

Maximise profit by connecting to suppliers with our patent pending recommendation engine then use Sellplex tools and algorithms to further optimize your listings.

Automate Processes

Connect your accounts from across ecommerce platforms. Manage uploads and sales from one dashboard.

Sellplex is the World’s #1 Intelligent Source-Sell-Fulfil Application.

With a robust system and user-interface approach, first and foremost, Sellplex is the most complete and trusted application of it’s kind on the market.

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Core Algorithms
% Increase in Platform Reach
Data Points Utilised
Our Company Mission
Sellplex’s mission is to be the world’s most intelligent tool to help sellers achieve maximized profit, or accelerated turnaround by determining the optimal supplier source and thereafter the set of most applicable platforms to list a particular product on, and automating that process…from a single dashboard.
The Sellplex Philosophy
Work at Sellplex
Sellplex allows you to maximise your margins. You can use our tool to determine the best platform or set of platforms to list a particular product on, and also where to source supply for that product. With Sellplex you become more percise with your sourcing and selling strategies. As they say, “you make your profit when you buy, not sell”.
Sellplex brings you more business from across the world. Our product is used by high-volume sellers across the world who are always seeking supply for the latest trending products at a deal rate. We provide them with real-time data of what you have to offer thus facilitating the most intelligent and up to date seller-supplier matching system available. Get ready to go truly global.
If you’re a marketplace, Sellplex can help drive more listings and more users which match your platform characteristics potentially from sellers who would not have otherwise found you. Moreover, you’re ensuring you’re getting world-class data regarding how your platform matches against others for choice of where to sell.
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Still Not Convinced? Here’s What Our Early Users Have To Say:

I bought this product and i would like to recommend it to every one interested in international selling. It is very convenient and quick. I will say it in Mandarin “Qimiao” for this work!
Wenyan, Shenzen, China
This is like Bloomberg for e-commerce – I have never used a system which is so intelligent, smooth and provides measurable results. I’d like to tell my friends about this, but actually I think I’ll keep it to myself.
Paul, London, UK
Amazing product and top class support, as I’m a beginner, Emily helped me above and beyond and was more than patient, her responses were quick and she has a genuine care for you to enjoy and move forward with your sales!.. highly recommended product and team!
Jose, Santiago, Chile